My Story

I used to make my own candles, but the cost was beginning to become very expensive.  I went online and did a search for candle making supplies and came across a link advertising "wickless candles".  I was very intrigued.  I contacted the lady and she sent me a sample of "Sugar Cookie".  I didn't have a warmer, but I had a tealight burner.  I put only ONE little cube in and let it go. My husband came home and began rummaging through the kitchen.  I questioned him to what he was looking for, he told me he was looking for the cookies that I had just baked.  My eyes immediately lit up and I knew....Scentsy was for me!!I was looking into buying some Scentsy, but there was NO ONE in my area that sold it.  So I decided that I would join Scentsy, September 2008, only to be able to get the product at a discount.  That was my ONLY expectation. Friends and family would come over to my house and began to question me how my house always smelled amazing.  I would pull out my kit and show them all the scents.  All the sudden everyone wanted Scentsy!  Then all of the sudden, everyone wanted to have a party.  The next thing I know, I have a team!  A BIG team of 214 consultants across the nation.  My team is continuing to grow rapidly, everyday!  We are always looking for people to join our Scentsy family. Scentsy truly has enabled me to stay at home and be the mom and wife that I have always wanted to be. I am completely SHOCKED at the tremendous success that has blessed our family.  Never in a MILLION YEARS did I think it was possible to earn a REAL income while working from home. My husband has been the biggest skeptic ever.  I knew he finally got "it" when he looked at me one day and said, "I think it's time we start really planning our dream house."  So, currently we are in the middle of planning to build our DREAM home very shortly.  Scentsy has enabled our family to travel, save money for our children's college, and fulfill many of those dreams that we thought were just dreams. Scentsy truly has exceeded all of our expectations.  Never did I think I would be running my own business at home with such an AMAZING team.  Scentsy truly has blessed my family in so many ways!  I can't wait to see what happens now! WE ARE LOVIN' LIFE! <!--endbody-->